Call to Action: Participate in the first WAVE Blog Carnival

Last month, Aaron B at By Common Consent wrote about his experience becoming a Mormon Feminist. He then posed the question to readers: When did you become a Mormon Feminist?

Its a perfect question for our January Call to Action: A Blog Carnival across the bloggernacle where you and other feminists in the church describe what experiences lead you to embrace (or even reject) the label of Mormon feminist.

Here’s how the Blog Carnival works:

  1. Tweet or share this call to action and invite others to participate with you.
  2. Write a post on your personal blog or on facebook. In your post link to this Call to Action and tell your readers that you are participating in the WAVE When Did You Become a Mormon Feminist Blog Carnival.
  3. Link your post to our facebook page and/or share on facebook and Twitter.
  4. Comment below and share the link to your post.
  5. Please indicate if we have your permission to cross-post your entry as a HOPE Blog submission.

At the end of the month, we will link to the  posts that have been shared with us, as well as cross-post them to our HOPE blog throughout the year.

Other ways you can be involved in by placing the WAVE button on your blog showing your support and sympathies towards feminism and women’s issue in the church.

WAVE is the action arm of the bloggernacle when it comes to feminist issues. In order for our efforts to have effect, we rely on the support and cooperation of many who share our sympathies and values. Before we move on to calls to action with more far reaching effects, we need to know the interests and stories of those supporting us. Through your voice on the bloggernacle via your personal blog, guest posts to the HOPE blog and other sites, you are informing us where your interests and passions lay. As Ask a Feminist recently wrote: you create the goals for which actions we will take. Through answering the question, “When did you become a Mormon feminist?” we will begin to get an idea of what goals are meaningful to you. If you need some extra encouragement to join us, please read Winterbuzz’s recent post at Feminist Mormon Housewives: “Being a Brave Feminist.”

Now it’s your turn: When did you first become a Mormon feminist?

We look forward to your posts!


Heather at Its All About the Hat Vlogs her response.

Sara at SK{ru}SH: lists the times in her life where she became feminist.

You can read other stories in the comments of Aaron B’s BCC post as well.

LDS WAVE board member’s feminist journeys are posted on the HOPE Blog: Jessica, Caroline, Jenne, and Chelsea.

Submissions will continue to be accepted as you are able to finish your post. Please link in the comments or on our facebook page.


  1. I put mine up here!

  2. Last day of the month, and CHECK! =) Thanks for hosting this. It gave me the kick in the butt that I needed.

    (You are welcome to cross-post this blog entry if you wish, as well as this one from earlier in the month:

  3. I know I am WAY late on this but I kept forgetting to come link to here. I actually wrote up my feminist story in December on my blog. It is three parts. Here is the link to the first:

    You are totally welcome to cross post this at any time.

  4. Here’s mine, a duplicate of what I posted on Aaron B’s post at BCC. I hope it’s not too late to join the party!

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