The board of WAVE seeks to fulfill our mission of advancing gender equality in the LDS church. We do this with hope and faith that our goals are compatible with LDS beliefs in the divinity of all humans, the worth of all souls, and that “all are alike unto God.” Moreover, we believe that such action is pleasing to God. As we work towards increased opportunities for women to contribute within the Church structure, we ultimately hope to aid the Church’s retention effort of women.Within the WAVE board, there are a variety of voices and backgrounds that will appeal to a broad audience of Mormons. We believe that everyone who visits WAVE will find something useful that will make their church experience better.

LDS WAVE features-

1. Calls to Action– This is the coordination section for efforts to advance the cause of gender equality in the church. As we work together on these collective projects we will promote women’s voices and visibility  as well as joining with church leaders to prayerfully ponder issues of gender equality in the Church.

2. HOPE blog– This is a place to share personal experiences, best practices, and learning moments. The HOPE blog is a way to discuss progress in making the changes toward gender equality in the church.

3. Resources and Support– Some people may wonder if WAVE is a feminist organization and are concerned that being Mormon and feminist are mutually exclusive. The Resources and Support section will show how these views can be reconciled in a way that gives strength to women and ultimately has the potential to bless the church. Also in this section is a list of similar blogs and websites to help readers find the personal connections that really give them support.

4. Women’s Service Mission– While the mission of WAVE is focused within the LDS church, many on the board feel passionately about helping women around the world. This section focuses on efforts to aid women and their families across the globe.

5. Words of Wisdom– This project aims to collect women’s quotes on LDS topics as a way of helping women see their own voices as worthy and valuable.. We’re also looking for quotes by other church leaders who speak about gender equality and ways women can more fully participate in the gospel.

Our goal is to provide a platform to discuss and advocate for women’s issues in the LDS church. We hope that women who are struggling will find encouragement and support while others who do not understand the struggle will become aware of their sisters’ desire to contribute more to the church. Ultimately we hope that readers will grow in compassion and empathy.

The founders of  WAVE are faithful members of the LDS church who appreciate the gospel as an important part of our lives and families. Because of our commitment to the church, we hope to make it a welcoming and hospitable place for our sisters and daughters. To that end we solicit your help, please contribute your ideas and experiences to info@ldswave.org.

Welcome to WAVE!