The HOPE Blog

Guest post from reader Corianne Wilson I had the most beautiful dream last night. In it, I was standing with a group of women and girls, and we were all wearing brightly colored dresses--like jewel-toned versions of the temple gowns. Off to the side there … [Read More...]

Women’s Service Mission

In response to the WAVE Women's Service Mission post PSA Campaigns for Men, Modern Mormon Men and WAVE got together for a collaboration. The LDS community has its own peculiar flavor of rape culture, bolstered by modesty rhetoric taught by church leaders … [Read More...]

Words of Wisdom

If you liked the cover art for the Words of Wisdom booklet, you can go to Galen's Etsy store and buy a print, 5 x7 for $5 or 8 x 10 for $10, shipping included. … [Read More...]