Words of Wisdom Description

One of the first action-based projects at LDSWAVE is creating a book of quotes about gender equality and the LDS church that can be easily accessed and utilized in church settings as a flip book or as an iPhone app. It is meant to be used as a resource for the empowerment of women and the inclusion of their voices.

We love and appreciate our leaders who speak about gender equality and we want to promulgate these ideas throughout our local wards and stakes. Our hope is that by using readily accepted sources about this topic we can reach more traditionally minded members and promote our mission to educate and encourage gender equality within the church.

Also, we feel deeply that women’s voices need to be featured and highlighted. When we hear women quoted as leaders with valuable insights, we value ourselves more.  When we hear these women held up as spiritual leaders, we envision what we ourselves are spiritually capable of. When we see these women acknowledged and appreciated for their insights, we know that we do indeed have important and valued roles to play in the Church.


Have you ever been in church and heard something that didn’t feel right and you know there is the perfect quote that would adequately express what you are trying to say from a source everyone would value, but you just don’t have it at the moment? That is the problem that we are trying to solve with our Words of Wisdom project.

We are trying to collect and organize uplifting and inspiring quotes that will be readily available and accessible whenever you need them. This is just one step in LDS WAVE’s goal in taking actionable steps toward gender equality in the church.

1)      We will provide the finalized version of this quote book online for you to print for FREE!

2)      Each month we will research the correlated church manuals and highlight one quote that would benefit the lesson discussions. We will post this quote visibly on our website AND

3)      Challenge each person to find a way to use this quote in their meetings

4)      Also, we will make specialized versions of these quote books to give as gifts for special holidays, such as Christmas and Mother’s day

5)      We will challenge each person to suggest to their bishop to give the gift of inspiring quotes about and from women rather than the typical flower or chocolate on Mother’s day Sunday.

We hope you will benefit from the inspired words of women and about women.