WAVE is an organization based in action. Mormon feminist bloggers and scholars have provided copious resources and information on why action is needed and have done a great deal of brainstorming on what actions can be taken. WAVE is working closely with these same individuals on bringing their ideas and needs to fruition. On this page you can find past and current projects that WAVE has created as well as projects that are created by other Mormon feminists. All projects listed here are based in action, with the goals of empowering women, both LDS and throughout the world.


WAVE projects:

Words of Wisdom

Women Intellectuals in Mormonism

Women’s Service Mission

Birthing in Zion


The WAVE Holiday and Gift Shopping Guide 

Projects WAVE Recommends:

Talents of Sisters


Agitating Faithfully

With Your Mutual Approbation

Daughters of Mormonism

Mother’s Day Every Month Fast



What are upcoming projects that you would like to see? Are there other organizations that should be added to our list here? Are there issues and topics within the LDS community that could benefit from an organization concerning them? Please send your ideas and suggestions to