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Pioneers in Sustainability

The most recent issue of Sunstone magazine focuses on Mormon concepts of sustainability and stewardship over the earth. Housewife, Rachel Mabey Whipple, writes on being frugal and wise in a way that also coincides with principles of sustainability and eco-friendliness. Drawing on historical perspectives and the scriptures, Rachel clearly describes church teachings regarding consumerism and self-suficiency. A classic essay from Hugh Nibley also draws on words from latter-day prophets emphasizing the duty of church members to protect and care for the earth. Nibley asserts that humankind’s dominion is a call to service.

In his essay, Mark Thomas describes this opportunity to serve by discussing models of sustainability employed by organizations of similar scale to the church. He highlights some of the programs already in place within in the church, such as building LEED certified chapels and university buildings on the BYU campus. Thomas suggests many additional ways that the church can institute expanded sustainability efforts throughout the church so that Latter-day Saints can join with this generation as the pioneers of environmental stewardship on a large scale.

Am independent sustainability advisory board is in the process of being formed led by author Mark Thomas and Edwin Firmage, Jr with the intent to assess LDS institutional progress towards best practices in sustainability. They are seeking other interested individuals to be a part of the initiative. If you are interested, contact Mark at mdthomas @ cliftonusa DOT com.